A Little Princess

A new full-length play based on the children’s classic by Frances Hodgeon Burnett.

Play by: Lauren Ennis Nichols
Directed by: Corey Latta Bales
Produced by Jen Price, Austin Fodrie

Auditions in Wesley Hall, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1301 Collingwood Road, Alexandria, VA 22308 on:

  • Sunday, April 30 from 1:30 – 5 p.m.
  • Monday, May 1 from 6:30 – 9 p.m.
Call backs (by invitation): Tuesday, May 2 from 6:30 – 9 p.m.

Show dates:
July 7, 8, 9*, 14, 15*, 16*, 21, 22*, 23*  (asterisk denotes matinee performances at 2 p.m. Evening performances are at 8 p.m.)

Audition form A Little Princess

Audition requirements:
Please come with completed audition form and headshot.  Blank forms will be provided for those who have not previously filled them out.  All auditions will be cold readings from the script.  Please also be ready to provide a complete list of all schedule conflicts during the period between May 2 and July 23.

Special Note:  ACCT is looking for a non-Caucasian male, 30 – 50 for a role in this play.


Sara Crewe:
  (12-14) an extraordinary little girl of 11, kind of imaginative, loving and persevering

Becky:  (12-14) a housemaid, adores Sara, Age 9 – 13 (should be about Sara’s size)

Lottie:  (8-12) a spoiled girl of 5 -7

Ermengarde:  (12-14) a rich student, kind and shy, not very bright Age 12 -14

Jessie:  (12-14) a rich student, stuck-up but has better instincts than her friend, age 13 -15

Lavinia:  (12-14) a rich student, sees herself as a leader: jealous of Sara.  Mean-spirited, age 13 – 15

Other children:  Member of the Carmichael family, other students (non-speaking, a beggar child

Capt. Crewe:  (30-40) A very loving father to Sara

Mr. Dufarge:  (20-60) the French master, a kind perceptive man (must be able to speak French or learn the lines necessary in French)

Mr. Barrows:  (20-60) Cat. Crewe’s lawyer, a man of business without much heart

Mr. Carmichael:  (40-60) Mr. Carrisford’s lawyer, father of a large family, a kind and hard-working man

Mr. Carrisford:  (40-60) a recovering invalid, plagued by guilt and worry

Ram Das:  (30-50) Mr. Carrisford’s Indian servant, intensely loyal to his master

Miss Minchin:  (30-60) headmistress of the school, a cold and grasping woman of only average intelligence

Miss Amelia:  (30-60) Miss Minchin’s, nervous out-upon sister…does all Miss Minchin’s dirty work

Cook:  takes her cue from Miss Minchin; a cruel woman

Shopkeeper:  (30-60) compassionate