Audition Notice for The Count of Monte Cristo

Adapted by Charles Morey from the novel by Alexandre Dumas
Directed by Eleanore Tapscott
Produced by Jayn Rife and Marg Soroos

Performance Dates: September 28-October 14, 2018

Performances: September 28, 29, October 5, 6, 12 and 13 at 8 pm
September 30, October 7 and 14 at 2 pm.

Auditions will be held via Entrance 3 on the second floor, Room 202:

  • Saturday, July 28, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.
  • Sunday, July, 29, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Callbacks:  Thursday, August 2 by invitation only. Candidates will be given a call time.


Rehearsals will start immediately after casting and are planned for weeknight (except Wednesday) evenings (7-10 pm) and will include stage combat and dance rehearsals; and Saturday afternoons (1-4 pm). The schedule will be finalized after the show is cast and actors’ conflicts have been accounted for. Tech rehearsals start Saturday, September 22. Double-tech is Sunday, September 23, and attendance is mandatory.

Show Summary

Betrayal, obsession, and redemption provide the backdrop for this compelling adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel. While unjustly imprisoned, Edmond Dantes befriends a neighboring inmate who bequeaths him an enormous treasure. Dantes eventually escapes from the infamous Chateau d’If and returns to society disguised as the Count of Monte Cristo with plans to enact his revenge on those who betrayed him. But as Dantes becomes increasingly consumed with his quest for vengeance, he finds himself losing his humanity and any hope of reconciling with the love of his life.

Some cast members will play multiple roles, and those actors must be able to create varying characters. There is stage combat in this production (sword fights, fights with daggers). There is also dance – a waltz at the end of Act 1.

Audition Form TCOMC

For the Audition

Actors should prepare a 1-2-minute dramatic (preferably classical) monologue. Please also wear clothes and shoes suitable for dance/movement and be ready to provide an accurate list of all tentative and known conflicts between August 2 and October 14. A conflict will not necessarily preclude you from being cast, as the director will work around actors’ conflicts to the best of her ability. Since there will be no double casting, conflicts during the last two weeks of rehearsal or during performances may affect casting decisions.

Role Summary

Casting 11 men (ages 20s-50s+), 6 women (ages 20s-40s+). All ethnicities are welcome.

Character Descriptions

Edmund Dantes: (M, 30s-40s) sincere, optimistic, loving protagonist who becomes the bitter, vengeful Count of Monte Cristo after being cruelly mistreated, betrayed, and imprisoned.

Fernand Mondego: (M, 30s-40s) Avaricious, cunning, and arrogant rival to Edmund who is in love with Mercedes and eventually marries her after Fernand ensures Dantes is imprisoned. He cares deeply for his family.

Gerard de Villefort: (M, 30s-40s) ambitious, ruthless attorney with dark family secrets and has Dantes imprisoned to hide one of those secrets.

Eugene Danglars: (M, 30s-40s) Greedy, snobby, and unscrupulous ship’s purser who becomes an extremely wealthy banker.

Julian Morrell: (M, 40s+) compassionate and kindly ship owner who is deeply in debt. Father to Maximillian.

Abbe Faria: (M, 40s+) kind, wise, elderly man who befriends Dantes in prison.

Gaspard Caderousse: (M, 40s+) drunk, violent, and greedy man.

Benedetto: (M, 20s-30s) smart, charming liar with an aristocratic bearing.

Debray: (M, 40s+) efficient assistant to Eugene Danglars.

Albert Mondego: (M, 20s) brave, honorable, and kind son of Mercedes and Fernand. He is in love with Eugenie.

Maximillian Morrell: (M, 20s) energetic and hardworking. He is in love with Valentine de Villefort, but is not allowed to marry her because her family finds him socially unacceptable.

Mercedes: (F, 30s-40s) honest and devout. Deeply in love with Dantes but unknowingly betrays him when she marries Fernand believing Dantes to be dead.

Hermione Danglars: (F, 30s-40s) smart, calculating, and class conscious.

Heloise de Villefort: (F, 30s-40) luxury loving, murderous second wife of Gerard de Villefort. Actively plots to kill her stepdaughter Valentine so that she can take control of Valentine’s fortune.

Valentine de Villefort: (F, late teens to 20s) lively and kind. Is in love with Albert but is not allowed to marry him.

Eugenie Danglars: (F, late teens to 20s) musical, fun, and enjoys gossiping. Engaged to Albert Mondego.

Haydee: (F, 20s) regal and wise princess who was sold into slavery and rescued by Monte Cristo. She cares greatly for Dantes and worries about him.