Current Show

The Giver by Eric Coble based on the book by Lois Lowry

September 27 – October 13

Opening Night: Friday, September 27, 2019
Performances: September 27, October 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 8 pm
& September 29, October 6 and 13 at 2 pm.
(Note: There is no show on Saturday, September 28)
Produced by Marg Soroos and Leslie Teitel
Directed by Jennifer Lyman


Show Summary:
Jonas’ world is perfect. Everything is under control and safe. There is no war or fear or pain. There are also no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the community. But when Jonas turns 12, he is chosen for special training from The Giver—to receive and keep the memories of the community. The Giver is the only person who holds the memories of real pain and real joy. Now Jonas will learn the truth about life—and the hypocrisy of his utopian world.

Father: Jim Pearson
Mother: Debbie Gray
Lily: Katherine Watters
Jonas: Brett Medley
Asher: McKenzie Blair
Fiona: Alex Beach
Larissa/Chief Elder: Patricia Spencer Smith
Giver: Paul Donahoe
Female Ensemble: Chanel Lancaster
Male Ensemble: Richard Isaacs
Youth Female Ensemble 1: Emily Martineau
Youth Female Ensemble 2: Angela Gray
Youth Male Ensemble 1: Alex Harris