Current Show

Southern Hospitality by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

July 12 – 28

Opening Night: Friday, July 12, 2019
Performances: July 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 8 pm, July 14 at 3 pm, & July 21 and 28 at 2 pm.

Produced by Jayn Rife and Marg Soroos
Combat Choreography by Michael Page
Directed by Eddie Page

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Show Summary:
The Futrelle Sisters—Frankie, Twink, Honey Raye and Rhonda Lynn—are in trouble again and, Fayro, Texas, is in danger of disappearing, and it’s up to them to save it. The Super SmartMart and the rendering plant closed, folks have been leaving in droves, but Honey Raye, with a major assist from her former nemesis, Geneva Musgrave, has come up with the solution. A salsa manufacturing factory is looking to relocate, and a company representative is headed to Fayro on a scouting mission. Honey Raye, as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, makes promises that are not to be believed in order to woo the rep to choose Fayro. Unfortunately for all of them, the “meanest woman in twelve counties,” Dub’s wicked, old Aunt Iney, is on her way for a visit. But how the Futrelle sisters and the other citizens of Fayro pull together and save their town with a recipe for total hilarity. Additionally, the financial problems the preacher and his wife are having—unless you don’t consider gambling away your mobile home a problem.

Miss Geneva Musgrave: Kate Ives
Honey Raye Futrelle: Kacie Greenwood
Gina Jo (G.J.) Waverly: Mandi Ellis
Rhonda Lynn Lampley: Edye Smith
Twink Futrelle: Melissa Dunlap
Justin Waverly: Michael Wong
John Curtis Buntner: Richard Isaacs
Dub Dubberly: Cal Whitehurst
Frankie Futrelle Dubberly: Christine Tankersley
Raynerd Chisum: James McDaniel
Iney Dubberly: Janice Zucker
D. Dayva Davidson: Anne Hilleary
Buck Strickland: Charles Dragonette